On the way to WISE.

WISE is Attitude, Willingness.
WISE is Process, Awareness, Integration.
WISE is still on the way.

We provide information services, marketing research and consulting to assist manufacturers developing their business globally, and manufacturing businesses, in particular, electronics and peripheral fields thereof, so that these companies may accomplish their goals to help enrich our world through their business.

The Mission of WISE Corporation

With the slogan of ‘honesty, fairness, purity’ as our guide, we aim to constantly ask and consider together how to move forward in line with the true essence of manufacturing and continuously provide benefits laden with deep sense of empathy. In our workshop, we hope to reach an accurate estimate together through mutual respect for intelligence, and with a bird's eye view using surveys.


Story1_ MARKETING [Attitude and Process]

Various elements are involved in corporate management activities.
We elucidate the relation of cause and effect of various changes and analyze situations to uncover what is necessary to optimize them and to accurately depict the unmentioned, unspoken and unseen problems in order to pursue a harmonious style that is equipped with the most adequate and most appropriate values.
We are enthusiastic and passionate about nurturing the road to successful business, the road for the people and high-minded values that can be passed down to future generations to want to be of service to irreplaceable people and business as well as society.
It goes without saying that keen insight that stands up against much close examination, from any and all perspectives, is an indispensable aspect to this.
In regards to our approach to the market, we take a marketing perspective to trace the phenomena of interactions, their deep background and origins, to grasp the behavior, flow and spread of information, as well as the composition, outline and texture of the stories and mechanisms, and we carry out marketing to obtain this perspective.
Based on a reconstitution and prioritization of the whole, we add realism, and transform explorations into certainties, the substantiated to the essential, and the symbolic to the functional.
This is predicated on the fact that there is no single solution for every company, since each particular company who asks us for help has their own unique issues, with dissimilar environmental causes and factors.
We travel the world to actually engage in frequent, daily dialogue with our customers and partners, and we hold as valuable the sharing of processes based on our philosophy of being on-site.

Where WISE Corporation travels

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kaliningrad, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the UAE, the US, Turkey, Vietnam, the UK, and Japan.

Story2_ DOMAIN [Creating Value]

Where idea grows.
In this world there are only people and things. We believe that each person and each thing holds its own infinite realm of possibilities, and each is its own irreplaceable existence. At the junction of interactions, there are innumerable connections between people and things, people and people, and things with things; and, creating relationships creates a future.
Things as raw materials gradually take form, reach the customer and go even further. Many people are involved in manufacturing in various locations and in various processes. We respond to their faith and passion. We accompany them and think together in pursuit of what makes our lives more comfortable, what gives us please, what comforts us, what enriches our lives and what moves us to another dimension and inspires us in a way we never knew. Manufacturing leads us to a bigger world and connects us together and up ahead there lies a boundless future.
This is the way we feel, and our job as our mission is to contribute to others.
We can evoke and organically nurture the power inherent in tangible and intangible resources and assets, and offer a stage for dynamic creation and activities that link people, companies and society, itself, to a sound path.
Currently, electronics is transitioning from an era of stagnation to a new dimension across differing fields and wide realms, and is engendering its utility and technological use-value there; while the market, itself undergoing advanced evolution with its own role, is fusing with technology to spread globally in acquiring new value, and advancing on a journey to an age of relentless and drastic changes to definitions.
We consider it our mission to have a profound understanding of not only the materials, devices, development and production processes needed to give concrete function to something, but also the operations, psychological trends that elucidate consumer needs, the service products that support complex technologies with breadth and depth, the structure of industry, the realities of entry players, and the market acceptance. We will also elicit the essential issues of society, the industry and business, in general, to respond to needs, which no longer exist along the trajectory of growth up to this point, with a discernment of policy, strategy, development, management planning and business creation.
We will relate to our customers the most promising points, new interpretations, perspectives, ways of thinking and acting, along the most timely themes and in every form, in an easy-to-understand way.

Story3_ HERITAGE [Towards Awareness, and then Integration]

Journey around the world. The world is the stage.
It is an indispensable aspect and style of our work to think and actually act with an understanding of events and the world garnered from elevating our perspective, not becoming bogged down in overly familiar customs, and moving forward.
Curiosity and the legwork to support that. Generating new stories in the world—that's a suitable comparison to the journey of life.
In meeting people, we encounter ourselves. Knowledge is also needed; we respect the inherent abilities of people.
The places that we can experience growth and re-birth—this is where our previous vision of the world changes and our world view broadens for the sake of creation.
Resources are everything. Its meaning, concepts—everything is subject to study.
We probe deeply how abstract we can think and how close we can approach the essence of things.
We continue to think. We know, we learn, we act and we awaken.
It's not what one wants to be, it is how one wants to be.
Our job is to seek true value, and describe the future.
Forward progress.
Forward thinking.
Take a fresh new step as integrated world citizens.

Story4_ DESTINATION [From Willingness to Enjoyment]

We constantly seek the cutting-edge of the times in our line of work
We are certain that the work of WISE Corporation has cemented an important position for us in the future simply because this is an age of obscured answers.
We unravel the broad circumstances and issues of the world, and derive an image of the future from the changes society is undergoing.
It is both a joy and a source of pride to be involved as a company assisting the manufacturing industry to develop our industrial society even further.
Our universal theme is one's challenging: how might people further challenge the world? Can they lead themselves?
We are pushing on to unexplored territory. Unforeseen encounters await us.
Soon, no one will be able to take their eyes off of us.
The next fundamentals belong to WISE.

Contents [Our Business]

Information and data services to corporate clients, along with directional advice through interpretation and study of the attendant issues

Corporate activities pursue economic rationality through the suitable and appropriate allocation (investment) of managed resources, such as human resources, capital and things, while also aiming to acquire and maintain their presence through contributing to society via their successes. Further, there is a significance in working to preserve the continuity of business and the maintenance and expansion of employment through impressing of economic rationality on the business environment.
WISE Corporation situates our company's work as assisting in the discerning of the business environment, which is indispensable to corporate activity.
The business environment includes a diversity of issues—from benchmarks in line work and strategic planning, such as the capacity for technological development, manufacturing cost capability, and market development capacity, deriving from feasibility research for latent market potential, to evaluating the work capabilities of staff, such as with personnel evaluation, management accounting and SCM etc.
Our intention is to expand our own added value by remaining close to our corporate clients using our surveys and analysis of the business environment focused on business realms primarily included in the electronics and telecommunications industry.
It goes without saying that general market surveying is a service offered through the collection and analysis of data; however, we place importance on remaining close to our issue evaluation rates by analyzing and interpreting the specific features and strategies of our corporate clients, ourselves.
We not only collect, analyze and present data on the market and competitive environment for the strategic issues faced by our corporate clients, but we also believe that it is an added value of the WISE Corporation to propose the direction to resolve these issues, upon analyzing and interpreting the intentions of the management and the limiting conditions faced by the strategic resources behind the establishment of these issues.
We believe that the projects we have undertaken up to now reflect the faith our corporate clients have in these business concepts.

Projects1_Business strategy challenge [Case studies in business strategy issues]

  • Feasibility study and benchmarks in the business realm of digital media
  • Feasibility study and benchmarks in the business realm of appliances
  • Feasibility study and benchmarks in the business realm of devices
  • Feasibility study and benchmarks in the business realm of social infrastructure
  • Feasibility study and benchmarks in the business realm of car electronics
  • Feasibility study and benchmarks in the business realm of IT solutions
  • Issues in the finished product business as the basics of the manufacturing industry
  • Assessing the competitive environment
  • Analyzing the client's issues
  • Construction of competitive predominance in development, production and sales
  • Advising on business plans and proposing strategy

Projects2_Professional challenge [Case studies in work capability issues]

  • Fields of Management Planning and Strategic Planning
  • Fields of Personnel and Accounting
  • Field of SCM
  • Fields of Quality and CS
  • Fields of CRM and Environment
  • Field of Research & Development
  • Field of Production Technology
  • Analyzing issues of the supporting organization for finished product business units, such as management strategy departments, worker capacity support departments etc.
  • Analyzing management systems, organizational theory and operations
  • Analyzing platforms in management strategy
  • Proposing promotion systems for management strategy
  • Fields of Intellectual Property and Patents
  • Marketing Field
  • Market Development Field
  • Miscellaneous
  • Analysis and proposals on the competitive environment for developing new markets/developing new businesses
  • Assessment and analysis of issues in the development of soft power as a business resource, such as brands, designs and IPs
  • Support etc. for marketing activities in business strategy

The above case examples are an assembly of specific themes, and do not identify individual cases.
Additionally, we do not stop at the study of individual projects—we are always working to deepen our recognition of the issues through daily discussions with our corporate clients, and to build our corporate client's confidence in us. Recognition of the work our position requires is the basis of our partnership with our corporate clients, and the essence of the mutual partnership with the staff of WISE Corporation.

C.I. Design Concept

A design with meaning behind each letter

The design linked to our principles amplifies our image of helping each other, recognizing each other and improving the value of each other.


‘W’ = Workshop (colleagues sharing the same idea), Wind (the winds of change, the changing tides, spaces, history etc.) Window (opening doors, proceeding forth)
‘I’ = Intelligence
‘S’ = Survey (Evaluating, self-improvement)
‘E’ = Estimate (Estimating, means of growth)


‘W’, ‘E’ : Books and documents, i.e, information – This expresses the environment that surrounds us.
‘I’ : This expresses people, which are at the heart of everything.
‘S’ : The vision of people engaging in discussion or birds flying around the world – This expresses communication.

・Amplified image

‘Environment’ = Workshop, Wind
‘People’ = Intelligence, Survey
‘Communication’ = Window, Estimate

Design that is both specific and abstract

Design that remains unbound by preconceived notions, that allows encounters with the depth, passion and world view of WISE, that's broad enough to allow those who see it to associate various meanings—this design holds a constancy and does not allow anyone to grow tired of it. Even if new values arise in response to different times, it still retains its advantage to adopt new meanings.

Design that speaks largely and substantially with a simultaneous warmth in expression

WISE aims to be a company that not only promotes the independence of values, but the autonomy of values as well. Independence refers to standing on one's own feet and not relying on others. Autonomy, however, should be understood as maintaining one's own sense of values and moving towards a goal while adjusting to the values of others. This expresses strength of will and the human virtue of engaging with others.

Design that is large and stable; straight and square without any deviations

WISE is a symbol of our declaration of responsibility to ‘continue being as we are’ going into the future. Workshop is a place, and it implies an image of stability, like home. This also expresses the stability of an unshakable foundation in the face of the changes of the ages.

Design that uses curves, rather than straight lines

This connotes an image of a moving body, like the character of each person, like a living organism. It does not express a cool intellectualism, but a vibrancy and dynamism—passion, sincerity, earnest,itself.

Design that amplifies image through movement

Amplifying meaning through the expression of dynamic images rather than static ones, like flipping through the pages of a book ‘W’, a person ‘I’ tilting their head submerging themselves in deep thought, a moving image etc.

Design that uses a monotone as the base, while also developing into a colorful expression on moving images

A base of monotone expresses a clear and stable spirituality, and a transition to the colorful expresses a flexibility that can immediately adapt to all things and events. This expresses the quick-witted quality of our staff who have a pliability of action without being caught up in a single field of specialty.

Color Concepts

_Kuchinashi-iro (maize yellow)

The fragrant gardenia (kuchinashi) flowers blossom white in summer. Their fruit is used as a yellow dye. It's used as a coloring agent in common Japanese foods, such as sweetened chestnuts and pickled radishes. Kuchinashi transcribed differently in Japanese characters can also mean silent, leading people to also refer to it as the ‘silent color’. The concept of the silent color expresses WISE's position to hold our customers high while we remain inconspicuous in the background.

_Kaki-iro (persimmon orange)

This is the orange color of a ripe persimmon. Persimmon is the color that represents the autumn harvests, and has been rooted in the lives of the Japanese since ancient times. ‘A Persimmon a day keeps the doctor away’—as the saying suggests, persimmon are fruit extremely rich in nutrition, and also have a wide variety of applications, such as in tea, for use as furniture wood-stock, as a preserving agent, and as a paint, among other uses. Persimmon also possesses outstanding water-resistant and anti-septic properties.
The persimmon is the representative fruit of Japan and its varied characteristics represent the goals of WISE: to be helpful to our customers in every conceivable way.

_Kame-nozoki (light indigo)

This color name means, literally, ‘peeking at the vessel holding indigo dye’. After thread and cloth has been soaked in indigo dye in a vessel, it is removed, wrung, hung out to dry in the sun, and then placed back into the indigo dye vessel to soak further. A repeated process yields a darker indigo.
Indigo dye is an important technical aspect of Japanese dyeing, and works not only to dye fabric, but also to strengthen it and keep insects at bay. This charming color name, as well as the process, which produces multi-faceted effects, is a close approximation of the ideals of WISE.

_Aotake-iro (bamboo green)

This is the color of the vibrantly growing bamboo stalk. There are a variety of colors associated with bamboo, such as wakatake-iro (bluish green), oitake-iro (greyish green), susutake-iro (reddish green), and these colors are deeply interwoven into the lives of the Japanese. Bamboo is also the symbol of the power of life. Green, brimming with energy, represents the strength WISE has to devote to our work.

_Kobai-iro (purplish pink)

Derived from the plum blossom (ume), there are undertones of purple included in a bright pink. This color was very popular during the late Heian Period in Japanese history. Overlapped shades of this color, such as with the costumes of courtly women of the Heian Period, are color schemes also referred to as kobai (rose plum) or kobai-no-nioi (rose plum scent).
The plum blossom, the representative flower of spring, has been loved by the Japanese people, even more than the cherry blossom, since ancient times. Its flowers, with the beauty of their deep control, represent the efforts we at WISE put into our work.

_Fuji-iro (light purple)

This color has been one of the most beloved colors of Japanese women from the Heian Period to our modern times. The image of a long cluster of wisteria (fuji) blowing in the breeze has also been described in a most beautiful and elegant way in the Man'yoshu, an ancient anthology of poems.
Fuji-iro is believed to typify Japanese colors. Its delicate hue of restrained beauty has granted inspiration to many classical authors and painters. We at WISE believe its non-obtrusive charm to be a trait we ought to ground ourselves in, and the color is meant to express our self-restraint.

C.I. Design Company

GRAPH Co. Ltd.

Their head office in Hyogo Prefecture was founded as a factory (print shop) in 1933, and they opened their Tokyo office in Daikanyama in 1989. Savvy to their customers' needs, they are a creative group that offers solutions that fuse the manufacturing techniques they have cultivated since their founding with new media and technology including printing. Despite technology advances day to day, they still uphold the necessity of the human factor in manufacturing, and aim to create ‘communication design’ that resonates with the soul.

Issay Kitagawa
Representative Director/Head Designer at GRAPH
Born in Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture in 1965, he graduated from Tsukuba University in 1987, and entered GRAPH in 1989 (formerly known as Kitagawa Shiki Insatsu Co., Ltd.). Through the pursuit of technology that aims to keep the sanctity of the printed material and the offering of solutions for ‘design as a business resource’ from the perspective of both a manager and a designer, he has earned the support of numerous clients—from small to mid-size regional businesses to famous, luxury foreign brands.
In the book ‘NEW BLOOD’, published in 2001 by Rikuyosha, he is featured among 20 modern influential people in architecture, the fine arts, design and fashion. He was selected as a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale in 2001. Many of his works were permanently preserved in the National Library of France in 2004. In 2005. he was invited as a special speaker to DESIGN INDABA8 at the World Design Conference in Capetown. He exhibited his work in 2008 at the London FRIEZE ART FAIR, one of the three major art festivals in the world. In 2011, he exhibited his work at the Modern Japan Graphic Design Exhibit hosted by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the TDC Award, the JAGDA New Designer Award, and the JAGDA Award. He has been featured numerous times on TV, including in TV Tokyo's Ryu's Talking Live and NHK's Luzon's Pot among others. His publications include ‘Kawaru kachi’ (published by Works Corporation Co., Ltd.) and ‘Brand wa konjo’ (published by Nikkei BP).

Office Profile

Company name:
WISE Corporation
Keiichi Fujikawa
10 million yen
January 15, 2007
Main banks:
Tanimachi Branch, MUFG Bank
4F 1-2-4 Minamishin-machi Chuo-ku Osaka Japan 540-0024

Management principles: Providing stability to management

Assisting to remove any lurking instabilities in various issues so businesses can achieve their goals

Management guidelines: Forging a certain path as a link for people and society

Keenly foreseeing an enriched society, and putting industrial citizens on a path they must forge themselves.

Principles of action that value our partners: Modesty, respect and passion

Remaining candid with our partners and passionately showing our respect for them
Our partners being people around us and all other people as well as management resources without any distinction

Principles of action that value ourselves: Correcting ourselves with no hesitation and undauntedly

Knowing ourselves, knowing our surroundings and correcting ourselves
… Objectively looking at ourselves
Supporting each other; keeping promises and never regretting efforts to grow ourselves
… Pledging to remain faithful to our partners

Business Management Attitude

‘In the field.On the spot.’
Focus on ‘Face-to-Face’ Communication

Business Content

a. Marketing research
b. Consulting for business strategic planning
c. All services accompanying the above
We cover the full product development and sales process from upstream to downstream, ranging from needs development, planning, materials, devices, products, sales to support services, and our specialists constantly watch the industry to analyze and propose strategies to mobilize resources, business mechanisms and organizational culture through the optimal utilization of people, products, funds, time and information.

Main Business Fields

Electronics industry / IT industry

Geographical Areas in Which We Operate

Japan and Overseas

Business Segments

  • Products: AVC Applications, home appliances, electronic components and other related products
  • Policy strategy: R&D policy, CS policy, overseas organization operations, HR policies
  • Business Solutions: Solutions of issues related to business planning, product planning, and sales planning

Recruitment [Job Information]

We are looking for people who have a strong will and ambition to work with us and share the view that our customers' happiness is our happiness. We welcome them as colleagues who are willing to take on new initiatives that meet with our changing times.

We have earned the faith of many clients and partners so far. We believe this is due to the fact that we considered the communication that exists between companies and people (corporate clients and the people that work within them) is the bedrock of corporate activity and put all our efforts to ensure that new values were added to our customers' corporate activities by introducing or proposing new ways of thinking, new technologies, and new methods of approaching issues directly or indirectly related to such a view.
These accomplishments are a cause for our pride and are an important asset to us. To make the trust we have received up to now align with the expectations that we must meet in the future, WISE Corporation needs to evolve even further. To make this into a reality, we seek individuals with a wide breadth of knowledge, valuable experience and overflowing passion towards acquiring new assets in the future.
The will to superimpose one's own growth on the true growth of a company—we sincerely look forward to having this kind of new talent, overflowing with the will to live with the times, joining us.

Types of Job

Planning, surveying, information analysis


We are looking for people interested and eager to do any of the following.
We are looking for people with experience in 2 and 3, in particular.

1. Duties

  • Domestic/overseas corporate activity and forms of business management
  • General electronics industry (products, devices, software, services)

2. Perspectives and content

  • Corporate management supported by the market and business
  • Links between business structure and corporate strategy
  • Future corporate evolution, product evolution, consumer behavior

3. Work methods

  • Collection of relevant information, analysis of corporate behavior issues, survey planning/design/promotion
  • Marketing/analysis, technique development
  • Presentations
  • Approaches in terms of development, distribution and human resources etc.


Undergraduate university education or higher. No preference for gender or age. English abilities required (Grade 2 or higher, or equivalent, of Eiken)

Work location

4F 1-2-4 Minamishin-machi Chuo-ku Osaka Japan 540-0024


Based on experience and skills. Fixed salary system.


An annual pay raise. Transportation costs paid. Fully-paid social insurance (pension, health, employment, accident insurance).

Holidays etc.

2 holidays per week. Total of 20 paid leave days during summer, end/start of year.

A Way of Working at WISE [An Example of the Director's Job]

1. A Standard Day in the Life

_Office Days

Awake at 5:30am. Observe the world through the newspaper and NHK news during breakfast.
Read new books and engage in quiet contemplation (meditation?) on the train.
Arrive at the office before 8am.
Check e-mail and reply or send new messages as necessary, then collect data on current cases.
Do desktop work, like organizing data, creating reports and plans, and periodically check e-mail, when no work required outside of the office.
A full day of office work also includes working on data collection, organization, reporting and plan drafting after lunchtime, as well as responding to any random client e-mails or calls that come in.
Lunchtime consists of eating in the office while watching NHK news and chatting with co-workers.
At home, I read or browse data on the Internet, and then check my e-mail before going to bed.

_Days Out of the Office or on Trips

I have trips to Tokyo or around the Kansai region to see clients almost every week.
When I take trips to Tokyo, I wake up at 4:30am and catch the first Shinkansen train to Tokyo.
I make appointments at the offices and work places of our main clients in Tokyo, and hold several sessions and presentations during the day, with off-site meetings when necessary.
The sessions I have with our clients are not always negotiations for deals, but are usually meant to discover certain themes and to get an on-site feel for the trends in the industry as I offer them greetings and we have discussions about everyday matters.
There is a tendency for me to receive inquiries and offers from clients while I am away from the office, so it is very important that I frequently check my e-mail while I am out of the office and maintain contact with the office by telephone.
Occasionally I will be asked to come somewhere while I am out, so I must remain flexible in how I respond in my tight daily schedule.
When I am asked to visit another department in the office of the same client, it is crucial that I ingratiate myself to them since I am required to change my schedule while I am on site.

_Days on Overseas Trips

My trips overseas several times each year are an extension of my everyday duties while also requiring me to go beyond my everyday duties.
The way I use my travel time is a source for the efficiency of my work and the free time I have after I return home. Since traveling to as many sites as I can is important for me to gaining more knowledge, I not only visit the places where I collect information, but I purposely set aside in my itinerary opportunities to visit the offices of clients overseas that we have built a relationship with in Japan.
Apart from dinner, I fill my spare time largely with reading, and I am able to gain more time for reading and thinking than I can when I am in Japan. To keep myself fit, I bring my swimming trunks and swim in the hotel pool.

_Days Off

My days off I spend at home submerging myself in music software, F-1 magazines and a TV program ‘Tantei Night Scoop’. I also play my musical instrument, and take my daughter out shopping or to eat. However, this is very infrequent.

2. An Overview of my Job and its Features, my Work Style and Thinking


Searching for value in the processes that approach the essence of things through observing the world and doing work to return what I have learned to the client is the intention contained within a fusion of marketing and consulting.
Reading the intent behind the phenomena and interpretation of corporate activity is an opportunity to learn. I am told by our clients that they gain awareness, counseling and coaching through this interpretation, and I think that is where the uniqueness and added value of my job appears.
With the recognition that a job can't be done by only one person, and that relationships of cooperation are needed within a company, the Workshop as a place of sharing, should be a sought-after characteristic of WISE as a company. Our basic desire is for our members to work as a group while they maintain leadership in their work.

_The Actual Conditions

The relations I have with clients over the long-term are significant to assessing and interpreting their actual conditions in benchmark surveys, which serve as a type of infinity mirror. I will often be asked ‘Are you one of our employees?’ or it will be pointed out in my presentations that I say unpleasant things; but, ultimately, when they tell me that they feel enlivened, I recognize this to be the added value we were after that would never be apparent on the survey data.

_My Efforts

The ability to engage in confrontation is required to maintain a neutral and flat perspective in one's basic position. I believe that daily study and learning is crucial to maintain manners and etiquette while also gaining the power and intelligence to not shy away from telling someone what they need to be told; but, I feel that I actually fall far from this ideal.

3. What I've found as the most interesting part of my job

_Creating a Matrix Diagram of the Paradigms and Process of Cost Analysis in Strategic Planning

In analyzing organizational relations and functions in corporate analysis, I devised a unique chart, and the supportive and mature qualities of its representation allowed it to be worked into a versatile matrix diagram.
I've received positive feedback on its uniqueness and versatility from numerous clients.

_Trips Overseas to Rare Destinations

Since 2002, I have experienced trips to places that I would never have been able to go by myself on my own expense, such as Russia, Brazil, India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Kaliningrad, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, and the US.
Over the course of one business quarter, I've experienced Siberia in the dead of winter at -42º and India in the height of summer at 46º.
I've also gone from a Russian winter to a Brazilian summer over the course of one night.

4. Experiences in Trips Overseas

- Greatest pleasure

– Conforming to local customs by eating the local cuisine.

- Incidents and aftermath

– Because of the short distance travel, I did not notice a time difference and missed my flight. A sudden gate change also made me miss my flight. There was another flight that same day, so I avoided any penalties.

5. My Motivation

Being able to build relations with clients through my own advice and autonomy, and gaining the opportunity to examine and think about things on a large stage that I never could if I was on my own.
It's extremely inspiring.

6. Handling of Information

I promote the sharing of information with clients, and we are extremely careful to prevent outside leaks.

7. A Message to Readers

We are looking for people who want to work with us.

Working for WISE [An example of the Manager's Job]

1. A Standard Day in the Life

(Main Tasks [General Affairs, Accounting, HR]) × Support Tasks (Achieving universal quality/Management planning mission) = Development Tasks)

I gain motivation and feel the pleasure and charm when I maintain the precision of the main tasks and look at the two sides of the nuanced tones of the planning work.
Generally, things do not go as I plan them; however, including this, certainly there are many things I gain in the course of the execution of my duties and there is great joy.
During my daily work, which I attend to with meaning and love, I often come up with different things and actively incorporate whatever I can into my actions. Behind this is my intent to show my gratitude and emulate my seniors who have not only taught me to become a productive member of society and support the company's work, but also to tell me what they think in various occasions and scenarios, allowing me to deepen my own understanding.
After leaving the office, I like to have fun either exercising to refresh myself, or eating visiting new local restaurants to sample delicious food. On the train commute, I enjoy the sights of the changing seasons and scenery, as well as the bookstores that appear periodically.
When I read, it is usually books around me that I have heard about, or the books I am recommended monthly by the tax accountant that assists me daily, or books that I freely choose after taking a liking to. I speak to my seniors, bosses and teachers about the books we have read, and I find this to be a process where my knowledge grows as we select various themes from them.
I find being able to have experiences like this in a limited amount of time as giving me a sense of lightness and that these encounters are very meaningful.
I also feel that noticing the diversity of perspectives from different backgrounds, and feeling challenged by these ideas is valuable.
I am granted time with my family, my dog and my friends, and the time I need to refresh myself is respected, so I find myself in good health.

2. On My Job

a. An Introduction to My Job

Management Asset Managing Duties
While I feel that the economic and social environment of our day is changing on a global scale, I work hard to deepen my knowledge and work for a ‘new office’. I have respect for my colleagues who have diverse lifestyles, sensibilities and knowledge, I value this group space where original thinking and creativity is practiced, and I am working to support the creation of an office where we can feel the potential of the future. Yet, I am only still midway in my mission to make connections in the world and to create a concrete, warm and friendly environment.

b-1. The Features of My Job at WISE

  • Thinking about market development, business development and development of myself, from yesterday to today, and from today to tomorrow is a non-stop job that I attend to in earnest.
  • My various encounters have allowed me to hear about the thinking and the world from our clients, my bosses and my colleagues from every different direction, and I have felt the world grow larger and my curiosity grow deeper.

b-2. Your Efforts and Thinking towards this

  • Training through study groups and PJ.
  • Really listening and really understanding what people say. Thinking together with them, and gleaning my role and whatever knowledge I can, and cultivating my consideration.

3. What was the most interesting thing about your job up to now?

It was during our Corporate Identity Project Planning project, when I got to learn from my boss who had trained me up to that point about planning.

4. What are some results you have gained in your job that you had to suffer/work hardest to get?

The same as above.
It is continuing to create a message for society in the future that communicates the thoughts of everyone who works here, relates the philosophy of the founder, and shows respect for the support and love given by our clients and everyone else.

5. What is it about your job here that motivates you?

It begins with what universal quality really is, what it should be, and how we can strive to get there while reflecting on our own selves. It's difficult, but it motivates me.

6. What are you specifically conscious of in a job where information is carefully handled?

Organizing things based on respect and good faith. Since endless information travels across countless junctions like a living thing, I need to put myself in my client's position and remember to be considerate.

7. A Message for Those of You considering Employment with Our Company:

‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines
away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’
Mark Twain

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Privacy Policy

1. Basic Premise

WISE Corporation (hereinafter “the company”) recognizes the importance of personal information. We believe that protecting that information is our public duty. We obtain, use and manage the personal information the company handles with all due care.

2. The company abides by the following guidelines when handling personal information.

1) Clarify purpose of use
We make the purpose for which we use personal information clear and only use personal information within the scope of that purpose.
2) Restrictions on other uses
Except for when the company obtains the advance consent of the customer or as stipulated by personal information protection laws, the company shall not use personal information other than for the aforementioned purpose and shall not provide personal data to third parties.
3) Proper acquisition
The company acquires personal information by legal and fair means.
4) Ensuring accuracy
The company endeavors to keep personal data accurate and up-to-date.
5) Safety
An employee is assigned to oversee each operation in which personal information is handled. The company implements steps to safely store and manage personal information to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, modification or leakage of personal information. In the event that the processing of personal information is contracted out to a third party, the company shall select the contractor in an appropriate manner, and shall instruct and supervise the contractor so as to properly manage personal information in the same manner as the company.
6) Disclosure, corrections, deletion, etc.
When a customer requests the disclosure, correction or deletion of said customer's personal data, the company shall respond in accordance with the stipulations of personal information protection laws.
7) Responding to inquiries
The company shall respond in a prompt and appropriate manner to any other customer inquiries concerning personal information.

Telephone or Fax Inquiries

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FAX: +81-6-6945-1912
Weekdays 9 am to 5 pm Japan Time
(Closed on weekends, Golden Week, summer holidays, end-of-year holidays and other holidays)

E-mail Inquiries

E-mail: info@wise-yz.co.jp
Hours: anytime
(We will respond within two business days.)